eTA Canada

All You Need to Know About eTA Canada in 2020 and Beyond

eTA CanadaThe eTA for Canada is a requirement to travel and enter Canada if you are traveling from other countries. The process of applying electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is easy and fast. You can do this by completing a simple online form.

Once the eTA for Canada is approved, you can travel to Canada by air. However, we clarify that the mere approval of the Canadian eTA visa exemption does not guarantee entry into the country.

The traveler will undergo an inspection at the airport. A responsible immigration agent will determine if the passenger complies with the legislation and with the necessary requirements to grant the entry to Canada.

What is eTA Canada?

Canadian eTAeTA Canada is an electronic authorization or travel permit to visit Canada for a period of time less than 6 months. Since December 2016, the eTA visa exemption is a mandatory immigration requirement for foreign citizens who wish to travel to Canada by air.

Canadian eTA sets out the eligibility of persons wishing to enter the country for reasons of tourism, business, or transit. International visitors must have a Canadian visa or a valid eTA to enter Canada.

Foreign citizens can apply for an eTA visa waiver online in a matter of minutes. Obtaining an eTA travel authorization for Canada is an automated, simple, and direct online process.

The Canadian eTA visa exemption has several advantages for Foreign citizens. Among them are:

The Canadian eTA visa exemption has several advantages for Foreign citizens. Among them are:

  • Convenience when processing the eTA Canada online. eTA Canada is an electronic authorization for online processing from its application to its approval and delivery to the applicant. For this reason, it is not necessary to travel to a Canadian embassy or consulate to process the Canadian eTA visa waiver.
  • Simple, intuitive form and is available in multiple languages. The questionnaire is explained in detail, and it will take no more than 5 minutes to complete it with your details and start your online application form for the eTA Canada permit.
  • Quick response and approval via email. Applying for the Canada eTA will take between 5 and 10 minutes (approximately), and you can do it from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. In less than 72 hours, the applicant will receive a response after the processing of their eTA visa exemption for Canada.

eTA vs. Visa Canada

The main difference between eTA Canada and a Visa Canada is the simplicity and speed of obtaining the eTA visa exemption. As it is not a visa, but a travel authorization for visa-exempt citizens, the processing requirements of eTA Canada are much easier.

On the other hand, the eTA can be processed online. In contrast, visa Canada must be handled in person by visiting a Canadian embassy or consulate multiple times (for information, submitting the application and collecting it, and sometimes also for an interview)

The documents required to process an eTA Canada are very simple. You will need to have a valid passport, a valid email address, and a credit or debit card to pay the travel authorization fees.

The processing time for the eTA Canada is typically up to 72 business hours, while the time required to obtain a Canadian visa can be much longer. To apply for a Canadian visa, the time may vary depending on the wait for an appointment. There is also additional time taken for you to collect all the required documents.

eTA Canada Requmients

Before applying for your Canada eTA, check that you meet all the requirements set by the Canadian immigration department. This way, you can avoid problems when checking-in. You can only check-in after you have received a confirmation of your eTA application approval.

Travel requirements

The following eTA Canada requirements are related to travel:

  • It is a business trip, vacation, study or a visit to friends or family
  • The stay in Canada can last a maximum of six months
  • The eTA must have been approved before the traveler checks in on their flight to Canada
  • How much time can you stay in Canada

To apply for an eTA, you do not have to be registered as a Canadian citizen. The purpose of the eTA is to prevent unwanted travelers. Among them are people who:

  • Poses a threat to safety, public health or the law in Canada
  • May have an undesirable influence on a political issue
  • You do not have enough financial resources to cover the expenses of your stay

Besides, the following requirements apply:

  • You already have a ticket for a round trip flight
  • You have filled out the eTA form entirely and truthfully
  • Has not been diagnosed with or exposed to tuberculosis in the last two years
  • You have no untreated syphilis, drug or alcohol addiction, or mental illness with psychosis
  • You have not previously been denied a visa application for Canada or another country
  • You have no criminal record and have never been involved in illegal activities

Passport requirements

Passport must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry, and until the date your trip ends. Do you have to apply for a new passport? If yes, don’t apply for your eTA until you have received your new passport.
The validity of the eTA expires as soon as the passport with which it was requested expires. This applies to children as well. Each of them must have their own passport and eTA before they can travel to Canada.

How to apply for an eTA Canada

To process eTA, you only need to have some valid documents, and it can be done electronically. Some basic information will be required, such as your name, date of birth, nationality, marital status, and passport (this is one of the most important documents for this process).

There are also some particular data to determine if the person is fit to enter Canada. Among this information, they will ask for the monetary income of the citizen who is requesting it. Also, it would help if you prove that the person is in good health when entering the country.