If you have all the paperwork you need to submit your eTA to Canada, the process should only take 20-45 minutes. Nevertheless, gathering records can take longer. You require two documents for your eTA: a passport and your travel route if you have booked your airline tickets. It’s a good idea to keep a backup of the ticket on your computer, so you can quickly find it.

However, it can take longer to acquire a passport. Although it may be a bit annoying to have to check the wardrobe and figure out where it is, you have to apply for or upgrade your passport, and it is much more challenging to ask.
It may take several weeks or months to obtain a passport based on your citizenship. The handling of passport approvals takes four to six weeks in most nations, while in others, it takes much longer. Fortunately, countries offer a fast service that will require you to collect your passport in less than two weeks when you pay a fee.

Processing calendars

If everything goes right, within a few minutes after you submitted it, you can receive the results of your request in your mailbox.

Nevertheless, possible delays and problems would exist. If the security controls are not passed through the submission, you have to provide additional documentation. This could take several months, depending on the matter at hand. When you believe you may have a security problem, such as a criminal record, a previously denied application, or a TB issue, you can complete eTA several months before you schedule your visit to Canada.

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The processing time starts on the day we obtain your complete request and finishes when we determine the date. Whether you register electronically or in person, it starts when you register.

cic processing time

cic processing time

How Long Does The Canadian Visa Proceed?

We can’t tell you precisely how long your application would take for us to review. Each applicant is unique and requires a certain time. Depending on the application form, we will give you an estimation.

  • Visitor Visa: 28 days.
  • Study Permit: 6 weeks.
  • Work permit: 7 weeks.

Would my application take longer because I need to offer biometrics?
It depends on the application form.

For tourist permits, study, or job permits:

  • The period it takes for you to supply the biometrics is not part of the data processing time.
  • The earlier you supply the biometrics, the faster the data will be processed.
  • You can fund the biometrics fee as you request to collect the letter of instruction as early as possible. This letter helps you earn an official biometrics collection point.
  • You have up to 30 days to apply the biometrics after we give you a letter.

For other regular applicants:

  • The period it takes to have the biometrics is part of the data processing time.
  • You will only get your biometrics after you have funded a biometric charge. Once done, we will give you a letter showing you how and when you should submit your biometrics.
  • When you don’t have a biometric service where you stay, you may need more time to go to a service location.
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Final Thoughts

Canadian eTA applications are generally fast and easy. This type of permit will take just an hour or so to fill out. Nonetheless, many factors will delay the time needed to get a reply. It is always easier to be prepared as soon as possible.