Traveling to Canada offers you different advantages, such as having direct contact with different cultures, learning two languages like French and English, or even marveling at the most picturesque natural landscapes of the whole world.

However, a Bulgarian citizen first has to meet specific requirements before entering the country.

Although you don’t have to worry because it is an easy process to carry out, our team of experts will guide you through step by step.

Easy Guide for Bulgarian citizens to apply for an eTA to Canada

Every Bulgarian citizen, before planning a trip to Canada, must decide how long the journey will be, as the type of documentation required to enter the country depends on this.

For example, if a Bulgarian citizen wishes to live permanently in Canada, a visa will be required, which is applied for through the government agencies of their country.

But, if the citizen is only looking for a fun vacation, for a short time, that is, no longer than 90 days, an eTA to Canada is mandatory.

An eTA to Canada is a permit granted to Bulgarian citizens to freely visit the country, only if the reason for the trip is tourism or business.

To do so, you have to complete a form that will be taken as an application. In this form you are asked to put all your data, verifying previously the validity of the same, since the agents who will assist you during the process need to communicate with you.

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An important fact to emphasize is the application form is made online, likewise the cancellation of the service, the Bulgarian citizen can use a credit card through the website to complete both the delivery of your application, as well as payment for administrative costs generated.

The advantage is that once your payment has been approved, you will not have to wait long for the approval of your eTA to Canada.

Important facts every Bulgarian citizen has to know when applying for an eTA to Canada

First of all, the whole process is completely legal, it is due to an agreement between both countries to promote the tourism of Bulgarian citizens in Canada.

Therefore, making the application is not a concern, just make sure that your passport is valid for more than 6 months, and you will receive in less time than you imagine, your electronic travel authorization.

Secondly, filling out the form is a very simple process that will not take long, however, if you have any questions, you will have a team of experts 24 hours a day to help you and guide you where you need it.

Finally, a Bulgarian citizen can apply at any time of the year, since the service is available regardless of whether it is a non-working holiday, so visiting Canada is a feasible trip which can be done when you have the availability.

Canada’s Best Art Places Every Bulgarian Citizen Should See

  • Generally, when thinking about Canada, the image of the Niagara Falls comes to mind, however, you should know this wonderful country also reigns the incredible museums that keep the most important artistic expressions of all times, of which without a doubt you should visit when you are in Canada.
  • The favorite museum of every Bulgarian traveler is the Canadian Museum of History located in Quebec since it has in its exhibitions more than 4 million articles, especially those that refer to the traditions of the first nations of the Pacific of Canada. This museum is so important, given that it is one of the first in Canada, has its origin in the year 1856.
  • On the other hand, also located in Quebec, you will find a museum dedicated exclusively to water and the environment, called Biospheré of Montreal. The tour through this museum will help you to understand in detail the most important environmental issues of the moment, such as water quality, environmental conservation, and curiosities about meteorology.
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In short, today is a good time to apply for an eTA to Canada, because as a Bulgarian citizen you can enjoy this wonderful opportunity, to venture into Canada and get to experience its paradisiacal natural landscapes as well as enjoy the culture and art by visiting the impressive Galleries and Museums that are available so you can have the best experience of your life.