As a general rule, visitors entering the country with an eTA authorization are allowed a maximum stay of six months. Upon arrival, the immigration services officer at the port of entry will determine exactly how long you can stay in Canada and will indicate in your passport the date on which you must leave the country.

How long is Canada eTA valid

How long is Canada eTA valid

If you wish to stay longer than the authorized stay (as long as your Canadian eTA Visa and your passport are in force), you must request an extension at least 30 days before the end of the date of authorized stay in Canada. Once the Canadian eTA is approved, it lasts for a period of five consecutive years and can be used for multiple entries to Canada. The eTA allows you to participate in leisure activities, visit family or friends and also develop as a professional. The eTA, on the other hand, is not an authorization to work, live or study in Canada permanently.


Although the eTA can be used multiple times, it is only valid while the passport is valid. If the passport of the eTA holder expires before the travel authorization, then a new eTA will have to be processed, after the passport has been renewed. The eTA to Canada is electronically linked to the traveler’s passport, that is why if the passport expires, even if the 5 years have not elapsed, the eTA is no longer valid. Before applying for an eTA, the passport must be valid, it is the most important requirement to obtain an electronic visa to Canada.The validity of the eTA begins the day it was approved and expires five years later.

Canada eTA validity time

Validity of eTA Canada

The validity of the Canada eTA starts from the date it has been approved. The Canada eTA has a duration of five consecutive years and can be used to make several trips to Canada, as long as the passport is also valid. You can verify the validity of the eTA in the email you receive with your approved eTA. If your passport has expired, the Canadian ETA can no longer be used. First, proceed to renew your passport and when you have a valid passport renew your eTA to Canada by completing an online form.


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If you have never applied for the Canadian electronic visa, eTA, the process is quick and easy. To apply for eTA you need to meet three basic requirements: a valid passport, an email address and a debit or credit card. The eTA to Canada determines the eligibility of travelers and you must simply provide your personal information and your passport details.

All people requesting an eTA go through the same process. ETA Canada is an automated system that identifies travelers before leaving for the country. If you are not sure of the duration of your current eTA, check the date it was approved, your eTA will be valid five years from that day.

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