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How long Can I stay in Canada

How long can I stay in Canada

This is always a complicated subject for anyone wishing to visit Canada and stay there. If you are planning your vacation in Canada or you are visiting your family, if you want to stay in Canada for business or as a traveler, you will need to have certain documents and fulfill certain requirements. No matter the reason for your stay you need to have valid travel documents in order to be permitted to enter the country of Canada. At the point of entry, the agents of the border patrol can determine if you can stay for more or less than 6 months. If this is the case, the agent will indicate on your passport the date on which you need to leave the country. The agent can also provide you with a written document.

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How to apply for a Canada visa from Saudi Arabia (KSA)

Traveling to Canada implies carrying out a series of legal processes based on obtaining visit and stay permits through visas or authorizations to the different countries of the world. For citizens from Saudi Arabia, these steps are summarized in the application for a tourist visa, which is necessary for all Saudi Arabians who want to enter Canadian territory, whether by plane, ship or other types of transport. To enter Canada for short stays of less than six months, a visitor visa or electronic travel authorization (eTA) is required. Everything will depend on the country you are from. If you are from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you will need a tourist visa, as required by law and the Canadian government.

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How to apply for Canada work visa?


A work visa is permission to take a job within the foreign country, simply it allows you to work in a foreign country like Canada in this case.


Each year lots of foreign workers apply for work visas. People come to Canada for a better life, to find a good job. They all require Canada Work Visa to be able to start to work there.

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How much is an eTA for Canada ?


There are many nations which are friendly to Canada and maintains a good, supportive, positive relations with Canada. The people of these countries generally do not require any type of visas like educational visa, work visa, business visa or tourist visa to enter Canada which are required by the people of other countries. So for them, the Government of Canada has introduced a new document authorization known as Electronic Travel Authorization.

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Canada eTA processing time

The processing time of Canadian eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization is a digital travel document. Applying for an eTA online is a simple process, and once it is granted, travel authorization will be electronically linked to your passport. If you plan to apply for an eTA, you are probably wondering how long the process takes. We will try to solve this doubt as soon as possible.

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