How to get dual citizenship in Canada?

You have dual citizenship when you are at the same time citizen of Canada and citizens of another country. When this happens, what passport should you present upon your return to Canada; What are your rights, your obligations, and your responsibilities when you have dual citizenship.

How to get dual citizenship in Canada?

What does it mean to have dual citizenship?

The term dual citizenship or rather a dual nationality is used to relate to a person that holds at the same time the nationality of two countries. This happens, usually, when a person becomes a citizen of a country through the process of naturalization while conserving the citizenship of his/her country of origin.

Can someone have dual citizenship in Canada?

Yes. The Canadians that become citizens of another country do not lose their Canadian citizenship. For example, a Canadian can also become a French or American citizen. Likewise, a citizen of another country can acquire Canadian citizenship if their country of origin can accept dual citizenship.

Do all countries accept dual citizenship?

No. Certain countries do not authorize dual citizenship. For instance: China, Japan, Norway. If you are a citizen of a country that does not authorize the dual citizenship, you need to renounce firstly the citizenship of your country of origin before acquiring Canadian citizenship.

How can you acquire Canadian dual citizenship? What do you need to know?

You can demand to acquire the Canadian dual citizenship if you fulfill certain requirements that are explicitly mentioned in the website of the Canadian government. Also, in addition to those requirements, there are fast-track processes in place for the naturalization of persons that have served in the Canadian army or for persons that are asking for humanitarian support in Canada. In order to be eligible for dual citizenship, you need to fulfill certain requirements. To make the demand on your own, you need to be at least 18 years old, you need to have the status of permanent Canadian resident, to have successfully declared your taxes, to be able to speak one of the official languages of Canada along with having knowledge of the culture and the laws of the country. Also, strict rules and regulations are in place regarding eligibility for acquiring residency status. For example, you need to have a permanent Canadian residency during the four and the six last years and you need to be present in Canada during a fixed number of days during that period. This calculation is always complicated. For this, a calculator specifically designed to help you in determining if you are eligible or not is in place. For you to prove that you fulfill also the linguistic requirements, you need to be able to demonstrate this knowledge in English or French. You can also submit a certain amount of documents proving that. You will find a detailed list on the government website.

So, it is possible to be at the same time a Canadian citizen and a citizen of another country. Obtaining such citizenship depends always on individual circumstances. Even when Canada does not oblige you to renounce your citizenship in order to acquire the Canadian, it is possible that your country of origin does not permit you and you will have to choose. If you are in doubt, it is always better to ask a specialized lawyer or qualified staff of your local embassy.

Get dual citizenship in Canada

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