Since May 2017, eTA Canada has come into force. Barbadians who hold a valid US visa or have had a Canadian tourist visa in the last 10 years will benefit from this faster process.

The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a document confirming who is authorized to travel to Canada. This document is requested online and is directly linked to the passport of the passenger. It has come to make the Canadian immigration process much more convenient, faster, and cheaper! But you must have the necessary prerequisites to work properly.

The Canadian tourist visa is still in use and anyone who cannot apply for eTA can continue to apply for the visa without a problem. To obtain it, go to our website to confirm your eligibility and to apply eTA for Canada.

1) Who will not need a visa to go to Canada?

Anyone who has had a Canadian visa issued within the last ten years or has a valid US tourist visa will not need to apply for a Canadian visa. Other than that, countries which are a member of the visa waiver program, including Barbados may apply for an ETA online

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2) Why is Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) required?

It is an electronic form with the specifications of your trip. The document is valid for five years or until the passport expires (whichever occurs earlier). Anyway, eTA is valid only if your first entry into Canada is by air.

3) For what type of trip can eTA be used?

eTA can be used as often as needed during its validity. You can use it for short trips (usually up to six months) for tourism, study or business, as well as transit through Canadian airports.

4) How much does eTA cost, and on which site is it requested?

You can check our website to verify the cost since it differs for each region. You pay only once for the document. Travel authorization usually comes just minutes after application. In some cases, additional documents may be requested. Therefore, it might extend the deadline for issuance if you submit an incomplete material.

5) I travel with others, and only a few are eligible for eTA. What should we do?

For those who are eligible, you should request an eTA for each of them. Ineligible people should apply for an entry visa.

6) I am eligible for eTA, but I recently took my Canadian visa, and it is still valid. Do I need an ETA anyway?

It is not necessary. If you have a valid visa, you can travel with it without having to issue an ETA.

7) I am eligible for ETA, but I drive from the United States to Canada by car. Do I need a visa?

Yes. ETA is valid ONLY for air travel to Canada. If you are arriving by car, train, bus, or cruise ship, you must apply for a visa.

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8) I will travel or work in Canada for more than six months. Will I need a visa?

Yes. The first step is to apply for a study or work permit. When granted, the visa will be issued automatically.

9) What should I do If my application declined?

There are many reasons why your eTA may be declined. If this happens to you or someone in your family, you will receive an email with a .pdf file indicating why.

Depending on the reason, you can apply again and have the opportunity to explain what happened in the part they ask if you have ever been denied a visa. Depending on the reason, it is best to re-apply for the complete visa process to have the opportunity to submit further evidence. And yes, regardless of the reason, you will have to pay again to submit the order.

PLEASE NOTE: The travel authorization comes in electronic form. Therefore, there will be NOTHING stamped on your passport. All your data will be in the Canadian government system and airlines will also have access to it to allow you to check-in at the airport.

We recommend printing this document and taking it with you on the trip. Always be aware of the expiration date. You should not forget to renew when needed.

Canada Visa for Barbadians Citizens