Canadian Visa for Hungarian Citizens

The world is a large space that is divided into continents and countries. Each country has laws that regulate the movement of people from other countries and these conditions are majorly attached to the entry visa regulated by the government of every country. In 2016, the Canadian government declared the use of electronic Travel authorization. This electronic visa – eTa Canada is available for citizens, who travel by air to Canada from countries that are visa-exempt. The electronic Travel authorization is also applicable to citizens of visa-exempt countries who will stop-over in any Canadian airport.

It is an entry authorization that offers up to 5 years of entry into Canada as a document that will be checked alongside the individual’s international passport. The 5 years eligibility is however strongly connected with the eligibility of the individuals’ international passport. Citizens of eligible countries can apply for eTA online, where they are required to fill in a form and submit it. The Evisa or eTa Canada is attached to the international passport. To apply for e- visa, you need a debit credit card and a valid e-mail address. E-visa Canada application costs $7.
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ETA Canadian Requirement for Hungarian Citizens

The eTa Canada is basically for entry of eligible countries and individuals into Canada via air flight. Eligible individuals traveling into Canada by road, boat cruise or any other method other than air, do not need to apply for the e-visa Canada. Hungarian citizens that desire to travel to Canada for tourism, business or corporate meetings, medical services or transit can do so by applying for the eTa Canada visa online. Hungary is part of the countries that were eligible for the e-visa Canada since March 2016. It must note, that Hungarian citizens are allowed to stay 90 days or 3 months in Canada after obtaining the eTa Canada visa. If Hungarian citizens willing to stay in Canada for more than 90 days, they have to apply for another type of entry visa. What do you need as Hungarian citizens to obtain Evisa Canada?

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1. You must possess a valid Electronic international passport which is readable by the computer.
2. You must be 18 years or be under the care of a parent or other adult
3. You must pay $7 on the application portal online which will be aided by a reputable private Evisa service provider. The e-visa Canada upon approval is valid for 5 years from the day of issuance and can be used by Hungarian citizens to enter into Canada in multiple times under 90 days per visit. Application for the e-visa Canada is fast and can be done by a reputable private Evisa service agency. Hungarian citizens that are willing to travel to Canada are advised to visit our agency location in about a week before the planned departure so we can arrange and get the eTa Canada issued before the exact day.Canada Visa for Belgian citizens


Hungary is a European country and as such got eligibility for the electronic traveling authorization basically because it enjoyed the benefit alongside other European Union countries. This Electronic Travel authorization was approved by the Canadian government since 2012 but took about to come to fruition due to the efforts to get it into the Canadian immigration database as a new tool to screen visa applicants. Apart from being a member of the European Union, Hungary and Canada have bilateral trade relationships with exports and imports going into hundreds of millions in the United States dollars yearly.
In conclusion, it is a fact that Hungarians van benefits from the electronic Travel authorization of the Canadian government if they are entering into Canada by air. Individuals entering by sea, boat cruise or road do not need to apply to eTa. We are a private E-visa service agency. We offer the best and professional services as regards helping people apply for Evisa from Canada so as to obtain it fast and without hassle. Every Hungarian traveling to Canada by air or passing through Canada can contact us for a quick e- visa application. Canada is waiting for you!

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