Each country has not only different cultures but also a characteristic taste when cooking. The influence of the fruits and vegetables harvested in each region makes for a unique blend in every part of the world.

Enjoying every cooking, each taste, or mixture in person is a journey to be treasured. In this sense, Canada has the best options to delight your senses and take you on a flavourful experience that will leave you impressed by the mix of cultures reflected in every dish.

This is the main reason why Swedish citizens love to travel to Canada every year. However, there are certain prerequisites that every traveler has to fulfill for vacationing in Canada, which is why today, our team of experts will explain, step by step, how to comply with the requirements to enjoy the best culinary options that only Canada can offer.

Eligibility of Swedish citizens for traveling to Canada

All Swedish citizens are required to have a valid passport and a visa to enter Canada.

However, nowadays, depending on the number of days the citizen is going to stay in the country, it is possible to apply for what is known as an eTA to Canada, electronic travel authorization.

This permit makes it easier for the traveler to comply with the requirements.

Step by step all Swedish citizens must complete applying for an eTA to Canada

Before you apply for an eTA to Canada, your stay in the said country cannot last more than 90 days, otherwise, you will need to apply for a regular visa.

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On the other hand, the electronic travel authorization is intended to facilitate the procedures for those citizens who visit Canada for tourism purposes and who wish to spend their holidays in the country, or for business purposes, for any Swedish who must give a lecture or hold a business event.

If the purpose of the trip exceeds 90 days, such as studying at a university, working permanently for a company or moving out of the country, the regular visa must be obtained.

  • Step 1: To apply for the eTA to Canada, you must fill out an application, which consists of placing all your data, including the reason for your trip, ie specifying whether it is for business or tourism.  Additionally, you must correctly enter your passport number, e-mail address, and telephone number.
  • Step 2: You have to ensure all the information inserted in the form is valid because the agents are required to contact you via email or phone number.
  • Step 3: You need to pay for the service of processing the travel authorization to Canada.
  • Step 4: To find out if the traveler has been approved, you need to wait at most 72 hours. The answer will be sent to the Swedish citizen’s e-mail.

Favorite Swedish citizen restaurants in Canada

  • Alo (Toronto). Named the best restaurant in Canada for three consecutive years. Patrick Kriss, chef and the owner chose the third floor of a building in Chinatown to establish the restaurant there, large windows allow natural light to penetrate. Warm and cozy atmosphere. In his open kitchen, French cuisine is present, Patrick Kriss develops his ideas through a 5-course tasting menu full of surprises. Wines from the best winemakers. It offers small appetizers to share as well as exquisite dinners inspired by the menu of the main dining room. Cocktail menu with a classic, elegant and very French selection.
  • Joe Beef (Montreal). The menu changes daily, depending on the products found at the vendors, and is displayed on a wall-to-wall board, often including chicken, semolina and crayfish; cornflake sturgeon nuggets; and lapin saucisse (rabbit and pork sausage). Festive, retro, tavern atmosphere of the last century. Wine list. Extensive menu: foie gras, veal tongue, snails, Joe Beef terrine. The best dish of the evening without a doubt: pork loin stewed in cuttlefish with ink and sagamite.
  • Toque! (Montreal). Pioneer of market cuisine made with local and seasonal products, the menu changes daily according to the arrivals. It has been several times in the top 3 restaurants in Canada and is the only Canadian restaurant in the list of the 100 best in the world in the last four years. Cocktails are also focused on fresh, local produce, using homemade fruit juices, infusions and syrups, which vary according to the seasons and the arrivals of market gardeners. The wine list has approximately 400 labels and over 6,000 bottles in the basement.
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In short, traveling to Canada will offer you an unforgettable culinary experience, which you can enjoy both in the company of your family and as a couple for a romantic occasion.

This is why applying for an eTA to Canada is so important for a Swedish citizen when wanting to travel to experience the incredible possibilities Canada presents.