Canada is hard to miss on the world map because, in terms of size, this country takes second place in the world after Russia. However, this northern state is famous not only for its huge territory. In the homeland of hockey and maple syrup, local residents & Government managed to preserve the virginity of nature and make this fact a national treasure. Today Canada is known all over the world for its natural attractions.

For any citizen of Great Britain, a trip to Canada can become one of the most unforgettable adventures of all life. The Electronic Entry Permit (eTA) program, which has been in force since 2016, makes it easy to get a Canadian visa for UK citizens.

Most interesting cities to visit in Canada


Located near the northern coast of Lake Ontario, the multicultural center is characterized by a vibrant, explosive, peppy character. In this place life does not stop for a second: the best restaurants and night clubs attract tourists from all over the world, wonderful fairs and interesting festivals amaze visitors to Toronto. Despite the clear economic orientation, Toronto successfully combines modern buildings with well-groomed landscaped areas. In addition, the convenient placement of remarkable places creates favorable conditions for a fascinating trip to Canada and its unofficial capital.


The alluring fusion of cobblestone streets and sparkling skyscrapers, European style, and North American vanity make Montreal a truly special place. The largest French-speaking city in the country is warmly welcomed by the charm of old buildings of the XVIII century. At the same time, hardly anyone dares call it archaic – there is plenty of fashion boutiques, luxury restaurants, and colorful events.

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City noise and vanity fade in front of cozy parks and squares of Vancouver. Trips to Canada with the visit to Vancouver allow you to combine the hectic life in the metropolis with serene walks along mountain trails. The city is formed by history, so it is ready to surprise and conquer any type of adventurers.

5 things to do in Canada

Each country is exceptional & unique in its own way. To keep in memory as many positive impressions as possible about the trip in Canada, we recommend:

  • Admire Niagara Falls, which is one of the three largest, majestic and beautiful waterfalls in the world
  • Visit the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame with the famous Stanley Cup
  • Watch the polar bear migration in Churchill
  • Ride the canoe through Banff Nature Reserve
  • Take part in the cowboy festival in Calgary

Traditional Canadian food

National Canadian cuisine combines the traditions of European immigrants. Therefore, do not be surprised if you are served a hamburger, Italian pizza or Ukrainian borsch as a national dish in Canada. Centuries ago, English and French cuisines also took root here. It is also worth noting that, regardless of the region, you can easily find Japanese, Mexican, Thai, Russian, Polish and Portuguese restaurants. In recent years, Canada has revived the tradition of dishes that many centuries ago were prepared by the Native Indians.

Where to start tasting local dishes in Canada? Residents of this large country are very fond of all kinds of fish and meat dishes. Maple syrup is considered the national pride and favorite delicacy of all Canadians. It is added to almost all local desserts. Maple syrup is the best souvenir worth bringing from Canada.

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The most favorite alcoholic drink in Canada is beer. Moreover, each province has its own type of favorite beer. Among soft drinks, coffee, kefir, yogurt, sweet soda, and mineral water are popular.

When is the best time to visit?

If the main purpose of the trip is skiing or winter sports, then it should be planned for the period from December to April. However, it is worth knowing that some resorts open the season in October and provide services until July. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty without interference in the form of snowstorms or blizzards, it is recommended to choose the summer months. But there is a small nuance: due to heavy winter snowfalls, difficult tourist routes are inaccessible until mid-summer. July and August are warm, busy, expensive months when prices in Canada reach the limit.

Apply for Canadian eTA

The online ETA application process usually takes only a few minutes. This requires access to the Internet (the process can be completed on a mobile phone), a valid passport, a credit card, and email address. ETA is linked to the applicant’s passport and is not a physical document. An application can be submitted by mobile phone while waiting at the airport, however, issuing ETA at the last minute is not recommended.

Want to go to Canada but don’t know where to start? On the site you can fill out an electronic visa application form, assess your chances of visiting and get advice from an experienced tourism and immigration specialist.

Canadian Visa for UK citizens