According to Canadian law, each and every person entering into Canada have to carry proof of citizenship and identity. When entering into Canada, a passport would be more than important when it comes to signing into organizations. 


For U.S nationals and permanent residents, it’s mandatory for the adults to produce proof of citizenship, a passport is one of the documents. Children below the age of 16 need only present proof of U.S citizenship. Anyone from the US with a government-issued photo Id, such a birth certificate and wants to crossover to Canada is recommended to have a passport.

For Canadians who are on the return journey, either by land or air, they are highly recommended to carry their passports by the Canadian Border Services Agency, proof of citizenship and an identity card that contains their photo.

Citizens from other parts of the world apart from the US need to present their passports that must be valid through up to six months before their departure time. When your passport is expired you are most likely to be subjected to a secondary inspection.

In most countries, before a passport is issued, one is required to clear with authorities for any criminal offenses, this sets in a clean record for the passport holder. Therefore, one may become inadmissible into Canada such reasons as medical and criminal cases.

For any foreigner planning to travel to Canada, one must have a passport for clearance by the Canadian Embassy in their country in order for them to be cleared for the visa. Also, the passport is required at the airport of exit from their home country by the immigration department. Similarly, the passport is required upon arrival in Canada for verification before one is allowed into Canada.

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Taking an example of Europeans who are known to travel widely across the World, it’s practically evident that the highest percentage have passports making them travel freely.From a practical perspective, a passport encourages travel and moreover opens up doors and opportunities as one is able to tour across many nations thereby learning many more adventurous activities.

Any passport is useful not only for international travels. It is actually a legal form of identification for any purposes. For example, if a valid photo identification for proof of age or any other reason is needed, the passport will, therefore, serve the purpose for up to ten years if sixteen years or older at the time of issuance. If under the age of sixteen years, it is necessary to renew the passport every five years.


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