Enter Canada with US visa

In the highest part of the American continent, you can find Canada, a beautiful country that in recent years has emerged as a key site in world tourism. Modern cities, beautiful landscapes, culture, and history, in addition to warmth people, are just some of the components that attract tourists year after year. If you are planning to travel to Canada, you are making a very good choice, since this country will not disappoint you. But it is important to find out about the entry requirements to a country when preparing our trip because each country has a different method of entry. In the case of Canada, it is necessary to apply for a visa to enter.
Some people, considering that the ties between Canada and the United States are so firm, even being immediate neighbors, believe that you can enter Canada with a US visa, is this true? Let’s find out.

United States Visa

The visa to enter the United States is very rigorous. Many people who request it receive a “denied” response. So it is not quite easy to qualify for a tourist visa to this country. Since the visa to enter the United States is complicated to obtain, some people believe that thanks to the treaties that the United States keeps with Canada, once you have a visa for America, you do not need one for Canada. Because they are also immediate neighbors. In the north of the USA, one of the biggest attractions is to cross across the border and visit the maple leaf country, so friendly and so beautiful. But the truth is that you cannot enter Canada with a US visa. If you wish to visit the maple leaf country, you must complete a different procedure than the US visa application.Enter Canada with US visa

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Visa for Canada

Canada is a country that promulgates both eco-friendly tourism and responsible migration, therefore keeping its doors open for those who wish to enter, but in an orderly manner. This means that the processes that have been imposed must be complied with in order to regulate the entry into the country because otherwise, this would be messy and unprofitable for the country. Therefore, if you wish to enter Canada, you must apply for a visa to enter. The model that you must request varies depending on the intentions you have when entering the country and your particular characteristics, such as your country of origin, the treaties that Canada has with your country, your economic solvency, among others. Usually, for those who wish to enter Canada only as tourists, it is recommended that they apply for an ETA, which is an electronic travel authorization, a kind of electronic visa that allows entry into the country and is not very difficult to apply for.

Eta for Canada

To apply for an ETA you must first ensure that you belong to one of the countries eligible for this type of visa. Then you must make sure you have a passport with at least 6 months’ validity from the moment you enter the country and a credit or debit card that allows payments in foreign currency.

Travel from the USA to Canada

If you are thinking of crossing the border to the country of the maple leaf, you just have to do a simple procedure that will not require many problems, so it should not stop you in planning your trip since this will be an excellent option to have a good time. And now that you know this information, don’t wait to request your eta to enter Canada.

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Canada with US visa