Canada is perhaps the friendliest country in the world. U.S citizens like to make fun of it, and sometimes question whether it’s even a real country, but Canadians always turn the other cheek. One of the ways they turn the other cheek is by giving U.S citizens an open door to the country. If you are wondering how long can an American stay in Canada, here are the details you need to give it a rest.

Almost all Americans are Welcome, eh?

How long can an American stay in Canada

According to the Canadian government, U.S citizens can visit Canada at any time provided they have some form of valid identification to prove their citizenship.

However, they can only enjoy their stay in the country for a period of six months within a year. This privilege is applicable for impromptu visits – like just dropping by to visit relatives, friends, or curiosity about how Canadian dollars look like. In other words, visiting Canada is just like visiting any other state in the U.S.

You can access Canada using any mode of transport: walking, crawling, driving, flying, swimming, floating or teleporting – if you know how.

However, the mode of transport may determine the kind of ID you’ll need to produce for admission.

Entering Canada by air will require a valid passport for admittance, even for babies.

Canadian Airport

For admittance using land-based means of transport, adult U.S citizens can provide their Driver’s License, FAST card, NEXUS card, SENTRI card, or a passport card.

Underage U.S citizens may not possess some of the identification items mentioned above; therefore, they are allowed to use their birth certificates for admission into the country. Moreover, underage U.S citizens visiting Canada without their parents or guardians will need to produce a notarized permission letter from either. Get acquainted with: Canadian visa requirements to go to this amazing country.

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The subtitle above reads, “Almost all Americans…” because not just any U.S citizen is welcome to the country with the biggest heart in the world. Only U.S citizens without issues with any governments are welcome in Canada. U.S Citizens with issues with the U.S government, a significant criminal record, wanted in other countries for crimes against humanity, or a DUI conviction will not be granted access to the country.

Furthermore, Canadian administrators in charge of immigration may terminate your visit at any time for various reasons like those mentioned above or other. In the event this happens, they will inform you in advance, and give you a reason for the termination of your stay. It does not happen often but you should be aware that these officials are free to exercise their duty if an individual is found wanting.

It’s a beauty in Canada and their homo milk is Skookum, can I stay for longer than six months?

Can I stay for longer than six months in Canada?

It depends on your business in Canada. If you just paid an impromptu visit, the best way to extend your stay is by applying for an extension. You can find forms for the same on the Canadian government website, which will detail all you need to be eligible for an extension. You should apply at least thirty days in advance for things to go smoothly and to account for any resources you may need to facilitate the processing of the extension.

Bottom line: U.S citizens can visit Canada at any time provided they don’t have issues with any government on the planet. They will need a form of identification to prove their citizenship. For impromptu visits, Canada allows them to stay for a maximum of 6 months within a twelve-month period.

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