Currently, young Brazilians are looking for quality alternatives to improve their living conditions which their own country cannot offer. Brazilian citizens want to be part of a work environment that guarantees them long-term economic stability, that their efforts translate into being able to buy a house when they are still young, to own a vehicle and to be able to build a family where their children do not face high levels of insecurity. For this reason, from an early age, Brazilians are forced to migrate to countries that offer better living conditions, such as Canada.

In this sense, Canada is the paradise of opportunities according to Brazilians, who have already built foundations to help find jobs for those Brazilians citizens who decide to emigrate to the country. However, this is not a process that happens overnight and requires you first study the opportunities and be able to make a life decision based on experience. In an exploratory way, the electronic travel authorization helps Brazilians to vacation in the country so that you can get to know its culture, its lifestyles, taste the native foods of Canada, have the opportunity to practice French and English, which are the official languages of the country and be able to measure if in the future you can adapt to living in Canada.

How does Electronic Travel Authorization work?

The authorization, or better known as the eTA to Canada, is a temporary permit that allows Brazilian citizens to stay in the country for no more than 90 days. The purpose of the travel authorization must be to get to know the country, that is, for a vacation, meet friends, make connections and even take some short courses. This is how you can measure whether you like Canada as a country to settle down in the future.

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How Brazilian citizens can obtain temporary permission to travel to Canada?

It is very easy for Brazilian citizens to obtain the electronic travel authorization because you only have to fill out a form online that will serve as an application so that you can obtain the approved authorization. The form is easily filled out with your data such as name, phone number, passport number, the reason for the visit, among others. The whole process won’t take you more than 10 minutes to complete since the form is simple, easy to understand and you can fill it out from the comfort of your home.

Now, all have to do is wait for your application to the eTA to Canada to be approved, which is done in no more than 72 hours. You will receive both the payment receipt and the e-visa via email once it has been approved. However, there is a team of experts available 24 hours a day in case you need further advice.

Which are the benefits for a Brazilian citizen to obtain the eTA to Canada?

The main benefit for Brazilian citizens is that they can easily be approved to travel to Canada without making any time-consuming paperwork resulting in a delay in your travel plans. Besides, the permit allows you to enter all places in Canada, in this sense its only limitation is the time that should not exceed 90 days, but it allows you to visit all the beautiful places that only nature in Canada can offer you. On the other hand, your eTA to Canada is valid for 5 years or until your current passport expires, which gives you a wide range to make the most of it.

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For a Brazilian citizen, what is easier to learn French or English?

Even though English is spoken by more than 1750 million people around the world, it is easier for a Brazilian citizen to learn to speak French, because both the French and Portuguese languages have the same origin. Therefore, Brazilians will be able to understand the structure of the French language more quickly and will be able to speak it more fluently. Although you should not rule out learning English, its grammar and pronunciation, since the advantages of mastering the English language can be translated into better jobs, better communication in any country worldwide and of course, it increases your knowledge.

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