If you are applying for international travel visas you might be quite frustrated if you are not sure which form of travel authorization suits your case. If you’re interested in visiting Canada, you may have to submit one of two documents: an eTa or a visa.

A visa is a permission provided by a country that allows a visitor to enter, stay in, or leave that country. There are some countries that have good relationships with Canada, and the citizens of such countries do not need a visa to enter Canada.

But in any other case, if you want to travel to Canada, you need e- visa. This document is called an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTa)

What is eTA Canada?

The Government of Canada introduced the eTa in 2016, and this is an entry requirement to Canada. If a visitor enters Canada by Air without a visa, he must have the eTa. This document is connected electronically with the passport of the traveler. It is indeed very quick permission to enter Canada.

• eTa allows visitors to travel to Canada as often as they want.
• Travelers can stay in Canada for a short stay, and the limit of that stay is up to six months.
• eTa is expired five years after issued. But eTa will also be expired if your passport is expired as well.
• The visitors who have eTa can fly to Canada for tourism purposes.
• eTa Canada doesn’t allow you to stay permanently in Canada. You cannot apply for the citizenship of Canada if you have an electronic travel authorization visa to Canada.

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Who is not eligible for eTA Canada

Electronic Travel Authorization Canada has always protected the safety of Canadian citizens and completely checks the applicants. Your application will not be accepted if:

1. You have committed some serious crime.
2. Your life is in danger
3. You are not physically fit and healthy
4. You have been working with criminal organizations
5. You are against the human rights
6. You are not financially stable.
7. You were not honest in the application or during the interview
8. If a member of your family is prohibited from entering Canada

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Giblartar citizens

Gibraltar people are allowed to enter in Canada with Canadian Visa or eTa Canada. Canada has introduced a simple process for getting a Canadian visa for Irish people. They don’t even have to visit the embassy and submit the documents. They can apply for the Canadian eTa by submitting an online application.

Canadian eTa Requirements for Giblartar Citizens

The online application can be submitted in just half an hour. The procedure is simple and easy. Following are the requirements for eTa Canada

1. Gibraltar Passport: A valid Giblartar passport is required for getting the Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization.
2. Payment Method: You will have to pay the eTa application fees, and while online applying, you must have a valid payment form like a credit card or debit card.
3. Age Restriction: The applicant must be over 18; otherwise, a guardian/ parent is required.
4. Arrival by Air only: Canadian eTa for Irish people will only be offered if they are traveling by Air.
5. Criminal Record: The applicant must not be convicted of any crimes. There should be a criminal record against the applicant.
6. Personal Information: All of your personal information like your name, address, Passport number, expiration date, employment, occupation, and contact information is required while applying for the Canadian eTa.
7. Electronic Device: As you will be applying online, you need an electronic device like a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a proper internet connection.

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Gibraltarians don’t need a Canadian visa as they can even fly to Canada with a valid Canadian eTa. They need to fill out the Electronic visa application before flying to Canada. They can visit for general tourism, transit, medical, or business purposes, and the stay in Canada is only for 90 days.

• Gibraltarians are recommended to fill and submit the eTa application forms three days before the departure date.
• Canadian eTa is only for the legal citizens of Gibraltar, not for the refugees, so the refugees will have to apply only for the Canadian visa.
• Canadian Government is providing quick service for the Gibraltarians, and the eTa Canada for these people takes only five minutes.
• If your application for eTa is not accepted, you are still eligible for applying for the full visitor visa.