Today’s German citizens spend all day working, organizing their lives and under a great deal of stress. This is why at the time of the holidays they are the first to grab their bags and take the first plane to a new destination. Many of them venture out to see the American lands and look for the beauties of its nature, as in the case of Canada and to be able to make this paradisiacal trip they only need to have their Canadian visa for German citizens.

According to the Opinion Way Institute, Germans are the world’s leading travelers with an annual cumulative 115 million trips lasting more than 4 days (2015 figures), of which two-thirds are abroad, and 132 million short stays (2 to 4 days), Germans are the world champions of tourism, ahead of the Chinese!

Germans love to visit monuments and castles (91% admit that they do). They also like to taste and buy regional products (34%) and finally ride their bikes (30%), on small roads or in the countryside. In the coastal resorts, the beach is a popular activity, with a special attraction for beaches that have kept a bit of the wild side.

For this reason, Canada is an incomparable destination because although it is hard to believe, it will be very easy for any tourist to achieve a dreamy and surprising landscape with the beaches of this northern country where you can find paradisiacal corners and the only permit that is necessary is the Canadian visa for German citizens


The beautiful Canadian beaches

As it is known, in this beautiful country the temperatures are not very high, but in the summer season, the climate allows visitors to enjoy the northern beaches to the maximum.

Kitsilano Beach

First up is Kitsilano Beach, one of Vancouver’s busiest beaches and a favorite spot for the country’s cool people. Here you’ll find restaurants, bars, parks for the kids, benches to watch the sunset and, above all, lots of relaxing atmospheres.

Second Beach

Another beach that cannot be missed on the list is Second Beach, ideal for going with children, as there are plenty of activities for the little ones. There is also a swimming pool, a café and an ice-cream parlor where you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Long Beach

Tofino is another of the best beaches in Canada, especially for surfers. And this is the famous Long Beach, a beach that belongs to the Pacific Spirit National Park, so it is surrounded by huge forests that only increase the splendor of its beauty.

Cavendish Beach

Of course, you can’t miss Cavendish beach, located on Prince Edward Island. The good thing is that besides being one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole country, it is also one of the least frequented so you can do quiet tourism without too many people around and with a Canadian visa for German citizens an outstanding experience is quarantined.

Hanlan’s Point Beach

Finally, there is the beach that is considered by many to be the best nude beach in Canada, Hanlan’s Point Beach. Located on the famous Toronto Islands, it is one of the city’s most popular recreational areas.

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Do you need a Canadian tourist Visa?

A Canadian tourist visa is also called a temporary Canadian residence visa or a Canadian visitor visa. The visa has a maximum lifespan of six months and after that time it expires and needs to be renewed if you want to continue your stay. There are two types of Canadian visas:

Single Entry Visa: A tourist who has this type of visa can enter Canada only once, stay in the country for six months, and then must return to his/her home country at the time his/her six-month period has expired.

try visa: Multiple entry visas allow tourists to leave the country and return to the country for six months in a row for up to 10 years. This visa is usually very useful because visa holders will not have to reapply for a visa each time they leave the country.

If you wish to apply for a Canadian visa for German citizens you can do it here it is a simple process and it will guarantee that you can travel to visit the beautiful northern beaches of the country of the maple.

Canadian visa for German citizens