eTA Canada for Australia Citizen

Have you heard of the eTA Canada visa but don’t know how it works?
Please note that since May 2017, it has become easier to travel (and exchange) to Canada. Thanks to the issuance of this travel permit online.
If you have a valid Australia passport, you can apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) instead of performing the entire visa application again. After all, eTA is nothing more than a Canadian online visa with low application costs. The process is fast and saves your time a lot. Do you want to know all about getting a Canadian electronic visa for Australian? We will explain to you step by step.

What is eTA Canada?

The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is nothing more than an online Canadian visa. In some cases, eTA Canada can be issued within minutes. Others may take a few days, as they need some supporting documents. Nothing so time-consuming, however, as the conventional issuance of a visa to Canada, which can take months to issue.

eTA Canada for Australia Citizen

Can you enter Canada with an Australia Passport?

You can only enter Canada if you have an eTA Canada visa authorization. Australia’s passport only facilitates the process. If you have it on time, you will be able to issue the eTA online in Australia without leaving your home.
Remember, eTA Canada allows you to enter the country under the same conditions as a tourist visa, but only by air. If you are traveling in the US and would like to enter by land, and online authorization will not be valid.

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What Happen After Arriving on Canadian Borders?

When you arrive at the Canadian border, you must have the following background:

1. Have a valid passport.
2. Prove that you have sufficient financial resources to solve the stay.
3. Prove that you will return to the country of origin as soon as the trip ends.
Likewise, it is recommended to present yourself in good health and, if possible, take out temporary medical insurance to avoid the expenses of getting sick during the trip.
It should be noted that eTA applications are made exclusively online and the resolution taken from Canada. Visa offices are not involved in this process.

eTA Canada Australian Citizen

Other Things you Need to Prepare

Canada is one of the countries with the greatest territorial extension in the world. It has exceptional biodiversity and different climates. Besides, it is an open society with inhabitants of a widely known kindness.

It is a country that has some customs that are useful for you to know:

• They have different climates. Therefore, it is good to check the temperatures recorded in the area you want to visit and wear suitable clothes.
• They use two mobile phone systems. For this reason, check if your phone is compatible to operate.
• They speak two languages: English and French. However, English is the most popular one.
• They are very punctual.
• They are an open society and free of social class distinctions. For this reason, any racist comment is very frowned upon.
• They are friendly. For this reason, thanking and greeting everyone is one of their most popular customs.
• In almost every home, shoes are removed when entering the house. Thus, it is good to have warm socks and in good condition.
• Another custom is to take care of the environment very well.
• Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada. It’s like soccer in Europe.

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