Top 10 beaches in Canada

Canada is usually known for being a cold country, where winter activities predominate, but it is also a country with beautiful coasts and incredible beaches where we can count on some truly beautiful ones. Beaches are always places where you can go to have fun, if you are alone, if you travel with your partner, even if you are traveling as a family with children or pets. They are places where you will always find something to do and if you travel to Canada in warm time, it is important that you know which ones are the beach options that this beautiful country has to offer you.

Top 10 beaches in Canada

Top 10 beaches in Canada

1.Darlington Provincial Park, Bowmanville

This beach is located in Bowmanville, less than an hour from Toronto, being very peaceful and far enough from the noise to make you feel floating in a sky made of sand. An interesting attraction of this beach is the large amount of flat stones, you can have fun playing on them.

2.Rock Point, Dunnville

This beach is located on the north shore of Lake Erie and its main attraction is the picnics, here you will have many tables at your disposal so you can have a delicious meal encountering water, sand and nature. The water is warm in this place, so not only will you eat, but you can also have fun swimming. But we recommend that you wait long enough after eating before diving into the warm water.

3.Wasaga Beach, Simcoe County

If you pass through Toronto, you need to visit wasaga beach. Being this the largest freshwater beach in the world, it is a tourist attraction worth visiting, it is almost a ritual when visiting the Canadian city. It is usually one of the most popular in the country, filling up a lot in summer.

10 beaches Canada

4.Dunes Beach, Picton

Take its name from the imposing dunes found on this beautiful beach. This is one of those many places in Canada where in addition to having a good time enjoying the water, you can take amazing pictures for your social networks. When we talk about Canada, we mean stunning landscapes and this beach will not disappoint you.

5.Kitsilano Beach

This is one of Canada’s trendy beaches, therefore it is one of the most visited by young people. Although it is also an excellent place to visit as a family. You can spend some time here frolicking on the sand, taking a delicious dip in the water or just relaxing. It is a beautiful place, so photographs of social networks should not wait.

6.Second beach

On this beach, you can find everything, bars, cafes and activities under the hot sun. But it is also a beach that children will enjoy very much. If you travel with children, you should look for destinations that suit them, and the advantage of choosing a beach as a second beach is that it has a lot of activities for them to have fun while you take a well-deserved rest on the sand.

7.Manitou Beach

This beach is well known in Canada due to its mineral salts, which are beneficial for certain skin disease treatments, and you float in an incredible way like you would not do on any other beach. Visiting it for medicinal reasons or for recreational reasons always has the same result: a day of incredible fun.

8.Cavendish beach

This beach located on Prince Edward Island is one of the best-kept secrets in Canada! Located in a magical place, you will find a beach for nothing crowded, perfect if what you want is to relax for a while.

9.Hanlan’s Point Beach

This beach is only suitable for those who do not travel with children and is that bathing in Hanlan’s beach requires courage since this is a nudist beach, one of the most popular in the country. If you want to risk taking a bath in total nakedness under the sun, in the warm waters, this is your place!

10.Lion’s Head Beach, Bruce Peninsula

The view is excellent, along with the proximity to the farmers market and the turquoise water cave that is nearby, without a doubt it is a destination you must visit.

These are just some of the beaches that Canada has to offer its visitors, being such a large country, it has many more. But it is up to you to visit this beautiful country to know etas and the other beaches!

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