Useful travel tips for visiting Vancouver

Vancouver is a Canadian city located in the province of British Columbia, being one of the most important and best-known cities in Canada.

It is one of the sunniest cities in Canada, with well-defined seasons marked by periods of rain, cold or sunny days. In its coldest time, it can reach 4 degrees and in its hottest time, it can pass 18 degrees. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city, full bars, cafes, museums, and incredible structures, being an emblem of modernity in this country.

In recent years, Vancouver has always been designated as one of the best cities in the world, both to visit and to live. If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, here we will give you a couple of tips that will make your trip to Vancouver something incredible.

Useful travel tips for visiting Vancouver

Useful travel tips for visiting Vancouver

Where to go?

In Vancouver, you have three important options to visit: beaches, parks and the city itself.

Being one of the warmest cities in Canada, it is one of the places where you can best enjoy a refreshing swim on the beach during a sunny day, we recommend this during the month of July, the hottest month for this place.

When we talk about parks, we must bear in mind that Canada is a country that defends the environment, advocating eco-friendly tourism, therefore it is not uncommon for green areas to be important. In Vancouver you will find many beautiful parks that you can visit, being able to cycle through them, sit down to eat a picnic or simply stroll under the tranquility offered by the city and the shade of beautiful trees.

And when we talk about the city, we refer to the leisure we can find in bars, cafes, clubs, bookstores or museums. Vancouver is one of the most important cities in the world, so you can find many of these places to visit while you are in the city.

Places worth exploring

1) Stanley Park: as we said, Canada is a country that gives much importance to the environment, therefore it is not surprising that one of the must-see destinations in Vancouver is this park. Stanley Park is the largest park of its kind in Canada because of its large extension, being very popular among tourists for being close to downtown. The park has more than 200 km of tracks and trails. You can take a morning to explore it by bicycle or on foot, crossing it or crossing the roads that border the city┬┤s peninsula.

2) English Bay: this is the most popular beach in Vancouver and the most visited by tourists because of its proximity to downtown and the fireworks celebrations that take place in here from time to time.

Tips for visiting Vancouver

3) Greenville Street: after talking about parks and beaches, now we have to talk a little about the city itself. In Vancouver the streets can last kilometers, being very extensive. In several areas of Greenville Street you can find trendy stores, alternative shops, bars and cafes that adapt to the cosmopolitan lifestyle and modernity of the city.

  • You should keep in mind that Canada is an expensive country, therefore you should make your counts well before making the adventure of visiting a city like Vancouver. If you only plan to visit for a few days, prepare yourself so you do not miss any of the attractions of the city.
  • In Vancouver, public transport is used by time and not by the trip, so if you buy a subscription for one hour, you can move freely during the time of your subscription. If you arrive at the beginning of the month and plan to last sometime in the city, it is recommended that you buy a full subscription per month.
  • Although Vancouver is one of the hottest cities in Canada, remember that your clothes should be consistent with your perception of cold. Onion type clothes are also functional and don’t forget to check the weather first at the time you will travel.

Knowing all this, do not wait to start organizing your trip to Vancouver and enjoy all that this amazing city has to offer!


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