The best places to visit in Canada in Winter

It is no secret to anyone that Canada is a cold country. We are talking about a country whose population is very minimal if we take into account the extension of the territory, this is because many areas of Canada are made of a truly hostile climate, but that does not prevent us from finding in this place incredible destinations to visit during the winter.

The best places to visit Canada in Winter

The best places to visit Canada in Winter

Before planning your trip to Canada in winter, the first thing you should do is, to be honest with yourself: how well do you get along with the cold? There are some people who can’t stand temperatures of less than 10 degrees, some others are fine at freezing temperatures and some others easily adapt to any type of weather. Knowing how you get along with the cold, you can plan which places to visit during the winter and which not since some sites are colder than others.

Unlike many other places, in Canada, the temperature is not static. This means that the weather fluctuates constantly. On a Monday you can be at 4 degrees but on Tuesday 10 degrees below zero. In some cities, the change is more radical than in others and the range of weather depends on the month you travel and the area where you will be.

In addition, before making your trip to Canada in winter, it is also important that you take appropriate clothes with you. Of course, you are not going to visit a cold country in winter wearing shorts, but you must have enough thermal clothes on hand so you can handle the cold in the winter.

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You should know that also traveling to Canada in winter has its advantages. Being this country a bit expensive, traveling in winter can result in a pro since it is a low season and prices decrease. In addition, you can visit the tourist sites without them being so crowded, that it is the main attraction to visit this country in winter, of course, the beauty of the frozen sites is incredible!

Let’s proceed with the best places to visit in Canada during the winter!

Places to go

1) Waterfalls: Niagara Falls and Montmorency Falls, in a warmer time they are a live show of infinite water falling and moving quickly. It is very difficult not to associate Canada with large waterfalls like these, but the view of them during the winter is totally different. Visiting these falls in winter can become a heady vision since the cold causes the water to freeze completely.

Best places to visit Canada in Winter

2) Blue mountains: located in Ontario, they are not visiting during the summer, since the greatest attraction is in winter. In the surrounding villages, you can find various activities such as walks, skiing and a beautiful landscape that seems to be taken from a Christmas movie. Celebrating Christmas here is something magical, especially if you travel with children.

3) Ice Castles: they are in Alberta, during the coldest time of the year these structures are made in Hawrelak Park, becoming true imposing constructions but made only of ice, like the houses of the ancient aborigines that inhabited Canada before the conquest.

4) Icy lakes: these can be found in several regions during the winter but especially in Alberta you can find these incredible frozen lakes surrounded by mountains, with an imposing view and the possibility of skating on them. In Banff and Lake Louise, you will find landscapes worthy of many photos for Instagram, waiting for you to be taken.

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